Aicent Mobile Messenger Client
A Windows-based client application which delivers SMS messages to any mobile phone user around the world. It is a VB application. The application is integrated with the Windows Address Book and MS Office Address Book using COM Technology.

Short Message Service (SMS) Relay Server
A message relay server written in Java, which stores and forwards SMS messages from one SMSC server to another. The project involves handling TCP/IP level communication for message sending and receiving, as well as the Database accessibility for message storing.

Mobile Messenger Server Billing System
A Java-based server application which accesses the MySQL Database and CDR data then generates billing reports for Web pages as well as internal financial system.

Billing and invoice generation program
A VB windows application for creating invoices, in which the program pulls information for Database, and insert it to Excel template, finally generates PDF format invoices for each customer.

Unified Messaging System Provisioning Web Site
Building and maintaining a large capacity (over 100K users) Web based administration system that manages user profile, user authentication, group and company profile, and system resources. Java and Java Servlet were used for server side programming; iPlanet LDAP server and MS SQL Server were used for data store; JDBC, OLEDB and T-SQL were used for the data accessibility. Project also involves creating Stored Procedures.

Second Generation Unified Messaging (UM) Provisioning Web Site
Building the Web based administration system using ASP and T-SQL. Project also involves creating Stored Procedures.

XML SQL Server Solution
Exploring and building prototype for SQL Server XML HTTP services for 3rd party integration.

UM Provisioning Site Licensing
Creating encrypted license protection for the Web site, using Java Security API.

iPlanet Messaging Server Customization
Changing and enhancing the JavaScript based Web Mail GUI.

iPlanet Portal Server Customization
Writing customized Servlet to access the Portal Server native API, and retrieving Session information for Single Sign on with the Portal Server, Calendar Server and Messaging Server.

Servlet-OracleDB Accessibility
Using Java Object Mapping for Servlet and Oracle Database accessibility.

"WorkFreak" The Online Project Management Tool
Building the online project management tool which users can use a MS-Project-2000-like Web application to manage their projects and share project resources. Project involving flow design, GUI design, ASP coding and SQL data communication and database structure design.

e-Commerce Site Developing
Creating shopping cart and purchasing flow programming.

Company Intranet
Building the entire corporate intranet using ASP.

Web Site Design
Graphic designing and DHTML coding, using PhotoShop, Dreamweaver and Flash.

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